Wholesale Dropshipping Business: Can Working With Wholesale Dropshippers Ruin Your Business?

Typically, when starting out we research online for information on the best wholesale dropshippers. However, just because it’s stated online doesn’t necessarily make it so. People who already have experience in this area, really have no worries because they already know what to look for when it comes to choosing wholesale products dropshippers. But those who don`t, they get ripped off more than often, and sadly, they fail so fast!

This review will show you what you need to look for when choosing your dropshipping wholesaler.


The wholesale dropshippers reputation and dependability is more vital than the variety of product that is on their database. Never choose the first wholesale products dropshippers that you come across. There are dozens of companies out there but you need to find a reliable dropshipper company that has been around for many years. That shows that they are trustworthy because otherwise they would have gone out of business.

Choosing a company that hasn’t been around very long is a risk as it may be unreliable or it may be a scam. If there are reviews on that particular company then it would be all right, but if there are no reviews, don’t risk your business.

One important aspect to look at when choosing a drop shipping company to work with is that they are willing to provide you with tracking numbers. Tracking numbers is something every buyer likes to receive, and this makes YOUR business so much easier, as you don`t need to take care of it at all – the wholesale dropshipper does it for you.

Wholesale dropshippers reviews are important to look at before starting to work with wholesale products dropshippers.

The DATABASE of Products

The majority of wholesale products dropshippers have thousands of products located in their database. It’s important to make sure that the wholesale dropshippers company you are planning to work with, has the type of products you are looking to sell. Some wholesale products dropshippers focus in specified areas.


Only a few companies have thousands and thousands of products available in numerous categories.

Good pricing is something vital to look for as well. Twenty percent below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is good pricing. Any wholesale dropshippers company that cannot provide this isn’t worth it. You need a dependable wholesale products dropshippers. Be aware of fake companies that pretend to be wholesale dropshippers – “china” type of companies, no matter that they look cheaper and more affordable, won`t do a good business for you, trust this.

On the other hand, when starting an eBay business, you need advice and strategies on how to get things started. Top rated wholesale products dropshippers have a variety of education tools that you can utilize – tools that have helped thousands of eBay business owners to succeed!

Contact details – this is IMPORTANT:

Make sure you are able to get the wholesale dropshippers contact information including address, email address and phone numbers. If they are hiding any of that information, it is not a good idea to go with that dropshipping company.

Any dropshipping company should not charge you a yearly or monthly fee. It should only be a one time fee.

Stay away from any company that tries to get you to pay monthly or yearly. They might be a scam.

That’s why reading wholesale dropshippers reviews is so vital before deciding on what company to go with.

Wholesale Dropshippers Fees

A little catch is that you will have to pay a small percentage of your profits to the company. This is usually done for each transaction or can be a monthly fee. Monthly is the best way to go when starting out.

In the end, you will have a successful business if you choose to work with wholesale dropshippers. Remember to check out wholesale dropshippers reviews before making your choice. Choose wisely, and you WILL succeed.

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