What to Do When It Rains While Camping

Just as you need to plan like crazy while camping, you need to plan just as much for the unthinkable – rain. There are many things that you can do impromptu if it rains, but it is also an excellent idea to be prepared for a rainy night or day in advance.

Take a Vote

Each family member should have a say about what he or she might like to do if it rains while out camping. Some of your family members may still like to participate in a boat ride or fishing if it is just drizzling a bit, while others may prefer the safety and warmth of the tent.

It is important to discuss this beforehand and let each family member know that he or she is responsible for bringing along something to keep them occupied if it does rain. Depending on the campsite, wireless internet and phone signals may not be a possibility.

Games of All Kinds

There are so many games to play and it’s worth bringing some along just in case. Board games are always popular and everyone can bring one along or agree on just one or two.

Cards are always fun to play for both kids and adults alike. There are so many old-fashioned card games that you will never be at a loss to find one that suits everyone’s tastes, and you will have loads of fun trying.

Bingo is fun and always has been. And then there are the various word games such as naming a state and then the next person has to name a state with the last letter of the previous state mentioned.

Calling out names of people that start with each letter of the alphabet is always fun as well. You can even make up your own games.

Good Old-fashioned Reading

You can have a family meeting and discuss the things you can do during rainy days or nights. Reading is a great option. Have everyone go to the library and pick out a book. Yes, a real book with pages and everything! Have them spend some time reading at night by lantern or by day in their tent if it is raining.

Crossword puzzles, reading, and coloring are great ways to pass the time, as well.

Last but not Least

If you have prepared properly, you will have a separate tent for eating under, with a zippered lining that closes. This protects food from animals and bugs, but also offers you a place to sit and eat.

There may be nothing better than to sit around and eat and talk in order to pass the time while waiting for the rain to stop.