Things to Remember When Going Camping

Camping does have a lot of requirements as far as what to bring and what to pack. However, there are a few important things to remember aside from tent and food that can make a big difference once you are there.

Here are a few things to remember so that your experience will be one that has you returning to camping year after year.

Emergency Preparedness

There are many things that can happen on any given camping trip. It is best to be prepared with a little too much stuff rather than not enough. You should always have on hand the following things:

* Antihistamines for bug bites Check with your doctor, of course, but some folks swear by antihistamines for the swelling of bee stings and bug bites.

* Aspirin for bug bites Crushed aspirin is supposed to be one of the oldest and fastest relief treatment for swelling and pain of bug bites. Just crush with a spoon and add water to make a paste.

* First aid kit A first aid kit that is packed with bandages, antibiotic creams, rubbing alcohol, tape, scissors, and wraps along with basic meds like aspirin (see above) are recommended for camping trips.

* Flashlights and batteries Remember to check flashlights and batteries before you go camping. Just because they are new does not always mean they are functioning.

* Maps and plenty of them – Make sure that you have maps of the area you are visiting as well as surrounding areas in case you get lost.

* Plenty of water you would rather go home with extra water than have too little.

* Bug spray and sunscreen – Sometimes you can get sunburn even in colder weather, especially when it is windy.

Miscellaneous Tips

If you have never gone camping before, you might find yourself saying that next time you go, you will remember this, that, or the other thing. Here are a few tidbits that can make your camping trip just a little more comfortable.

* Plastic tablecloths Bringing plastic tablecloths is a great idea for picnic tables, but it is also a great idea to place underneath your sleeping bag in case it rains. This will keep your warmer and dryer.

* Thermal blankets Bring as many extra thermal blankets and even sleeping bags as you can roll up. Having more warmth than you think is necessary makes the difference between happy campers or not.

* Layer your clothing Layering your clothing allows you to accommodate chillier mornings and warmer afternoons.

* Footwear Footwear is perhaps the most important thing to remember to get right. Heavy-duty boots are best no matter what time of year, because bugs and spiders are less likely to bite. Hiking requires proper footwear as well.

These are a few things to remember when going camping.