Spiritual Detox Transcends Religion

Usually, when people hear the word “spirituality” they often associated it with religion. This really is too bad. After all, religion, in our modern times, is one concept many people struggle with. Many even consciously try to run away from it. What if I told you that spirituality and religion are not synonymous? In fact, depending on the depth of your spirituality, whatever it is that you are doing, thinking, and believing may be 180 degrees different from religion.

It’s easy to see why religion has gotten a bad rap throughout history. You only need to look at religious wars, the often repeated charges of intolerance, bigotry, and exclusion, and it becomes as clear as the light of day, why people would rather stay away from religion.

Whether you agree with this or not, and whether this is justified or not, this is the case. It is true that certain religious traditions as well as family customs go a long way in distorting and misrepresenting the tremendous spiritual riches religion could offer.

Maybe some people come from a every specific type of family or cultural tradition. Whatever the case may be, religion can easily become suffocating, repressive, and ultimately discouraging. It’s not unusual for a lot of people, come from certain strict religious background, to feel that they have to always suppress themselves.

They have this overwhelming need to always apologize for things. It’s as if they’re always walking on eggshells. This is the whole atmosphere surrounding religion, and that’s why any talk of spirituality is usually distorted because of this background noise. Well, if you have discovered the power of detoxification and you have become interested in spiritual detox, I’ve got some great news for you.

Spiritual detox goes beyond religion. While it does a good job of clarifying things and cleansing one of the typical hang-ups of old-school traditional, cultural religion, it goes beyond that. Spiritual detox is really all about reconnecting with one’s sense of purpose.

While it could be said that all religious and spiritual traditions do focus on the idea of purpose, spiritual detox goes beyond this because it reaches people who couldn’t care less about religion. That’s right, people who are agnostic, atheist, or humanist can relate to the broader definition of spirituality, which is one’s concern with the meaning of one’s life.

This is the golden thread that unites all people of all backgrounds. It doesn’t matter what what kind of religious tradition you grew up in. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you come from, we will all come to this question in one form or another, and one level or another.

Spiritual detox enables you to achieve a tremendous sense of balance, because you let go of a lot of unnecessary baggage from you past. These poison your sense of purpose and deaden your sense of possibility and adventure. Click here for the only framework you would need to tap the power of spiritual detox, so you can live at the level deserve to live at.