How To Sell Products Without Inventory-Dropshipping

What is drop-shipping?

Drop-shipping is a way which allows online store owners to sell products without keep any inventories.  The process of drop-shipping is as below:

  1. Consumers place the order in the online store
  2. The online store places the order to product supplier
  3. The product supplier ships the product to the consumer directly

Advantages of drop-shipping:

As showed above, drop-shipping has some obvious advantages as a business model.

  • The online store owners don’t need to handle packaging and shipping. Particularly, retailers don’t need to buy any inventory, so it is much easier for people to start the business.
  • Regarding the process of drop-shipping, the whole supply chain is very simple. In this case, the cost would be lower than traditional retail chain.
  • The retailer (online store owner) the concern about inventory, packaging, and shipping is unnecessary; he can put more time and money on marketing, giving him a better chance in scaling his business.

Aliexpress (

Aliexpress is a platform for product suppliers to promote their products. It is one of the biggest platforms for drop-shippers in the world. Aliexpress belongs to the Alibaba group from China.

Alixpress might be the best platform for drop-shippers in past years, but there are still many disadvantages for drop-shippers.

Reasons of stopping using Aliexpress for drop-shipping 

  • Suppliers management: For each online store, there are multiple products from different suppliers. More suppliers, more difficult to manage.
  • Slow reactions from suppliers cause inefficient to fulfill orders, especially at large scale orders. As one of the biggest drop-shipping and public platforms in the world, most of the suppliers normally are handling a lot of inquiries every day, so they are too busy to answer customers’ questions fast.
  • Risk of errors from suppliers: As a drop-shipper, the store owner normally would ask the supplier not to put any price info, invoice, or promotion materials in the package. Suppliers on Aliexpress sell products not only to drop-shippers but also to consumers all over the world. It is a very big risk for suppliers to mess the drop-shippers and consumers, which would be the nightmare for any drop-shipper.
  • Communication barrier: All suppliers on Aliexpress are from China, and many suppliers have poor English. The communication between drop-shipper and suppliers would be difficult.
  • Order shipment control: Since the orders are directly shipped by the suppliers to the consumers, it is very hard for drop-shippers to control their order shipments. The suppliers might deliver the order late, or the product might be out of stock. Many situations can happen. Due to poor communications and slow responses, drop-shippers cannot do much.
  • Product quality control: for most of the drop-shippers, it is impossible for them to check products’ quality. The drop-shippers might never see their products at all. If the suppliers could not do the quality control well, that would cost the drop-shipper a lot of money for sure!
  • Very poor production description: a professional and attractive product description is one of the keys to stimulate a customer to buy. Unfortunately, most of the products on Aliexpress don’t have it.

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